"I really want to try it but . . . ."

I've always wanted to learn a martial art but I don't think i'm the kind of person who can, am I?
I can't speak for other martial arts classes you may have seen (many of which admittedly are either full of muscle-bound oafs or hordes of ankle-biters!), but my classes are for ANYONE who would fight back if they were attacked.
Historically Taekwondo is all about empowering normal people (originally the Korean populace) and giving them a means of defending themselves against an attacker at any time. Come and visit a class and you will see a range of regular people training together and enjoying it!

I don't know, don't you have to be really fit?
No. Taekwondo will increase your fitness, and I run my classes in a way that pushes everyone equally anyway. No-one will be 'looking' at you and you won't be compared to other students.

Do I have to train in bare feet?
No. Traditionally Taekwondo is practiced bare-foot to toughen the feet for use as weapons, but how often do you go about barefoot? I'm happy for any of my students to wear trainers.

I'm not a violent person, I don't want to hurt anyone!
Neither do I! But if you are ever attacked I can't believe you won't resist, take a look at the 'Ethics' section for a discussion of this.

I don't think i'd be any good at it, i'm not very co-ordinated!
Don't worry, no-one has a natural instinct for Taekwondo! The people who get good at Taekwondo are the ones who can persevere through difficulty. I'll do my best to make it as easy as possible for you, it doesn't matter how long it takes and no-one will ever make fun of you for making mistakes.

I might not need Taekwondo, so I may never 'use' it?
I really hope you don't! You will definitely 'use' the increased fitness & health, stress-reduction, mental stimulation and social interaction (fun!) that you will get from my classes as well as learning a great martial art! Besides, 'might not' isn't the same as 'will not' – none of us knows what surprises the future holds.

I want to train with you but I might not be able to attend regular lessons because of my work/lifestyle, will that prevent me learning Taekwondo?
You can come to any classes that suit you, even if that's different every week or if it means training one week and not the next.
Just come and talk to me and we'll work out what's going to be best for you.

I might sometimes be late to class, is that a problem?
No. Try to come on time whenever possible, but it's always better to do something rather than nothing so even if you're going to be late you should still come! You'll never be 'in trouble' for being late because of work/life/traffic etc.

What is you age limit?
Check the 'how do I join' page for details on our current age policy – but if you're thinking of sending your child to learn Taekwondo why not give it a try yourself? You'll be setting the best possible example for your child and giving them the best chance of suceeding!

"Now come to a class and give it a go!"