How much does training cost?


This has got to be the most common question I get, and fair enough.
In the past i've insisted that people actually come to a class and SEE what we do and what kind of experience they'll be getting for their money.
Because if you know the price but you haven't been to a class then you don't know the VALUE of what you'll be getting from my training.

But i've decided to change that.
Now that we have a great Facebook and some fantastic testimonials I hope you'll get a clear impression that we are a great group to be a part of, and we have a lot of fun learning and practicing Taekwondo!

The best way to get your questions answered is to come and talk to me at a class!

No contracts, no obligations, it really is free!

1st class is completely free and without obligation.

To continue all students must get a 'student licence' which is partly a membership of the Taekwondo Association and partly an Insurance. This is £36 per year, though I include licence renewals within training fees so it is only the very first time that you would pay this.

When a new student joins I give them four weeks free training so to begin with the only cost is the student licence.

If a student attends eight classes then decides not to continue I regard this as having given me a 'fair chance' and I will refund to them their initial payment for their student licence out of my own pocket. I am very happy to be able to say that everyone who has given me this 'fair chance' has continued with their training and I have never needed to issue a refund.

When a student completes ten classes I give them a free branded t-shirt or hat!

You'll be giving yourself a 'fair chance' too - you are capable of so much more than you realise!

Plain clothes are absolutely fine for beginners to train in, and you'll always be allowed to wear your trainers in class!
A dobok is not required until a student's first grading (normally after 2/3 months of training).
I understand that some other groups give free uniforms to people who join them (usually with a long-term contract) but I have seen the quality of those uniforms and they are far inferior to ours. To put it in perspective I took four years to reach black belt. I had one uniform, and was sad to have to retire it in favour of a black belt uniform because it was still in perfectly usable condition!
And now we get to training fees!

My method of training fees is quite complicated, but this is because I include several possible discounts that people can claim (such as paying in bulk or by standing order, training as a family group, and attending lots of classes).
I will be happy to give you a sheet detailing all the options for you to take away and consider, but the key features of my system are:

- I don't charge for classes that aren't attended.
- I don't charge for the third+ person in a family group.
- I don't charge for the third+ class attended in a week.
- Training fees can be put 'on hold' or changed whenever your circumstances require.
- Annual licence renewal is included.
- I don't do contracts, students are free to discontinue their training at any time without penalty.

I think fairness is very important so I don't charge for what you don't get!
Training fees in brief:
(This is for a 4 week block, other time options are available)
One person, one class per week: £25 (£22.50 by standing order)
One person, two or more classes per week: £41 (£36 by standing order)
These figures reflect the most anyone would pay for training with me.

This is actually VERY CHEAP!
Compared to our competitors we are not just very good value but we'll also give you a positive and rewarding experience of martial arts, while most others are either stuck in a nasty shouty military past or just plain babysitting!
But you won't just be getting a class, you'll be getting me - a dedicated Instructor who actually cares about your development!
I don't do lesson plans, I see who turns up to a class and then I teach what's appropriate for the people in it.
Every single one of my students matters to me and I want to see every one of them thrive, that can include you too!

Taekwondo has been around for a long time, there's a reason for that.
ZumbaJazzaCombatDancersize, or whatever thing is popular right now, is here today and gone tomorrow. There's a reason for that too.
Compared to fitness classes we are usually cheaper AND what we do actually leads somewhere! Come to us and do Taekwondo and in a year you'll be doing new things and getting a real sense of progression and development. Go to one of the many weird and wonderful fad fitness classes that pop up and if it even still exists in a year you'll be doing the same thing and getting nowhere.
Compared to gyms we are super cheap!
In fact we are almost the opposite to what most gyms are!
I don't do contracts, you can stop anytime. They do massive long contracts!
I WANT to see you in class as often as possible.
They would rather get you signed up and never see you again!
I CARE about my students and their progression, tailoring my classes to suit individual's needs.
They couldn't care less how you are and will charge an absolute fortune for a trainer!

It's empty and that's how they like it!
As long as they've got you locked into that contract they're happy to never see you again!

Not just a local boy doing his own thing - I am an Instructor with the biggest Martial Arts organisation in Europe!
So there it is!
And I really hope that you come and meet me and get that first free lesson!

Taekwondo can be a lot of things to a lot of people:
Improve your fitness
Improve your confidence
Learn to defend yourself and your loved-ones
Do something new and interesting
Make new friends
A new hobby
Maybe even get that Black belt!

*hint, hint